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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

Everyone looks through their own window



“Everyone looks through their own window.” I love this statement. It’s something I remind myself of almost daily. We all see things in a different light and process it in our own way, imposing our very own meaning into everything.

I love to write and photograph things that speak to me. When I see something that touches me I usually think or a story or poem- no surprise there.

When I look at the photo above I see something like this:

Everyone looks through their own window and sees the world in their own way. Some with fresh eyes and open mind,  while others have their head in a mold too tight for insight and truth. There is no hiding from what the eyes perceive as truth. The light reveals all things but is subject to interpretation. Open your eyes as you peel back the layers of preconceived notions and really see for the fist time- like the eyes of an Innocent child. Let your mind wander and your dreams run free. All things are possible when your window is open.

So where am I leading you with my images and insight. Well I have decided to start offering my photography and insights as a package deal through my etsy shop. They aren’t for sale just yet but very soon. Perhaps as soon as next week. My novel is kind of like a dog chasing his tail right now. I have to write- it’s a part of me and I lust for making images that speak to me. Words just bubble up until they reach the surface and spill out everywhere and into everything. So this idea just seemed like the perfect fit.

I have several images in mind but only a few are ready with words. I’ll start with my bleeding heart series and the image and open window essay above. The bleeding heart series will look something like this:



Her heart was filled with secrets and stories too good to tell. She desperately wanted to tell you but there was this matter of the heart. You see it blossomed and ripened and was just about ready to burst with happiness when something happened. A tiny leak caused her heart to bleed just a little and then a little became a lot. Her heart was still beautiful but could no longer do the job it was intended for. The perfect love requires the perfect heart, no leaks and no flaws. This matter of the heart led her to a place of a different kind, perhaps not a book of love stories, but a place enchanted and full of light. So she started down a new path, no less than the last, just different. she wasn’t afraid and didn’t lose her heart completely. She found a place that was secret and hidden- just right for safe keeping. “Don’t be afraid ” she said, “take a new path and make a fresh start, follow your passion, your heart, your bliss.” She took one tiny step and then another which led to something wonderful. This girl with the bleeding heart took her first step toward creating a new life for herself. Will you?

That’s all of me, today. Remember and don’t forget…. All things are possible when your window is open! 

Open your window let the breeze in while you listen to my favorite band (Bliss) with me.


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