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A little spring and a big smile

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She walked out the door and noticed the sound of little birds chattering from the nest. A moment later she was struck by the allure of a sweet aroma coming from down the lane. She walked closer to get a better view of this magnificent tree covered in white. Along the way there was much to see.IMG_3391 Delicate little buds were just waiting for the right time to burst into blossom. The air was clean and felt so fresh as the breeze blew past her cheek and the sun was warm and toasty on her bare arms. Who would have thought that there would be bare arm weather ever again, after the long winter we endured.

There were cute garden niches here and there as she followed her nose.

IMG_3696In fact there was so much to see that she almost forgot why she had set out on this path at all. The colors, the interesting shapes, the sound of the birds and the buzz of the bees, did their best to divert her attention and take her on another path. But she stayed the course. Right on track for once in her life and continued on without temptation.


She was so glad to be out and about enjoying this nice spring day. It had been such a long time without warmth, without cheerful sounds, without color. Just then she looked to the right and spotted the most beautiful color she had ever seen. A crimson red flickering in the sunlight.IMG_3693

The leaves seemed to be waving  at her as the breeze blew through. Her journey had begun just moments before as a quest to find spring and take in it’s aroma but she realized that spring was all around her not just down the lane on that magnificent tree. It was on the left and on the right and yes right smack dab in front of her.

Living and breathing  as it soaked in the sunlight and drank from the soil. The coming of spring had been so anxiously awaited and that wait was so worth it.

She vowed to herself that this year she would not take the fine weather for granted but appreciate every moment of warmth and every glimpse of color that came her way. She would enjoy this day and everyday that nature had to offer.



 This tree was an explosion of creamy whites and fresh green. It was all very yummy to the eyes and heaven to the nose. A smell so sweet that it made her toes curl right out of her sandals. The result of this walk down the colorful path on a quest for spring, was a great big smile 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying the weather as much as I am.


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