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My Little Secret is Locked Away

Please welcome Myra to the sofa.

I have been keeping the fact that I’m married a secret;  my reason is complicated. Six years ago my husband was sent to prison. I moved to a new town and started a new job to avoid embarrassment. In the beginning I didn’t talk about my status because it was too painful. Every one assumed that I wasn’t married and I just left it that way. Now I tell people I’m single. I’ll never leave my husband but I pray to God every day that he doesn’t get released. I’ve met someone and it’s getting really serious. I need to find a way to confess to him -Well, maybe I just did.

Junie: Your husband’s arrest must have been really hard on you. Your past is your business and your friends don’t need to know unless you want them to.  A serious relationship is a different story. Good luck with your confession, I hope he understands.


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Rant Until Your Hearts Content

Dear Sofa Diary readers,

It has come to my attention that some of you don’t have secrets to share but you do have a lot to say (rant) .  So I would like to invite those of you who are pissed off, fed up or just like to complain, to let us in on what is keeping you up at night or is just plain driving you nuts. With all that said I have a little something that I would like to get off my chest. So here goes Junie with our very first rant.

Okay, I am a modern girl. I use all of the latest technology, cellphones, computers, email, digital camera and this blog but I still know how to talk to someone without the latest gadgets. Why is it that so many of our family and friends can’t  pick up the phone or deliver really important news in person. Do you really think it’s appropraite to email or text message the news that someone is dying? Or email me the night before your Christmas party to let me know what you need me to bring. I may not look at my email before I leave and I really don’t want to find out that someone is dying via email or text message. Would it really kill you to pick up the phone and call me or better yet deliver that kind of news in person?

What do you all think.  Has modern technology gone too far? Have we all forgotten how to comunicate with one another? Does this drive anyone else crazy or is it just me? Tell me what drives you over the edge.


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