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Perfect Love/Perfect Lie conclusion

Don’t miss Brie’s conclusion to her family saga.

If you missed the beginning of Brie’s story go here for part two and here to start at the beginning. The paper work was filed and the hearing was set. I thought I could handle the change and had my life under control. That may have been true if Kane’s hadn’t gone too far. The  divorce notice in the paper prompted a startling phone call to my lawyer. The woman on the other end claimed that she too was married and had a child with Kane. Tamera stated that the marriage took place six years ago and that they shared a four year old daughter. This second family lived only thirteen miles from my home. How could that be possible. The day of the divorce hearing not only Tamera attended but a woman named Carly who was seven months pregnant and claimed to be Kane’s fiance, she sat in the court room. It was all so surreal and I wondered how I could have missed so much. The divorce was finalized, I lost my house to foreclosure and Kane was convicted. But not before I helped the woman who married my husaband go to court and put Kane behind bars. I sat in the court room once again but this time I held the hand of a woman who shared my husband’s bed. It was strange but I couldn’t hate her because she had been betrayed just the same as I had. The charges against him were bigamy and embezzlement from the company he worked for. Yes he was convicted and yes he did receive jail time but not the kind that he deserved.

This man was a con-artist that destroyed three families. He was sentenced to weekends in jail and community service. It didn’t seem just for what he had done but it did allow him to continue working and pay child support. My life is better now and my son and daughter are grown. I learned a valuable lesson about looking at the world through rose colored glasses while ignoring what you don’t want to see. I saw what I wanted and believed what helped me sleep at night. I was very naive and I got burned. My children are starting families of their own and I finally found a man that I can trust. Life goes on and hopefully we learn from our mistakes. I know I have.

Junie: Brie, thank you for sharing your tragic story with us. I am so glad that you and your children have moved on to a better life. I can totally relate to the rose colored glasses. I think we are all capable of missing what we don’t want to see and guilty of believing what makes us comfortable. Take care.


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My Perfect Love became the Perfect Lie

Please welcome Brie to the sofa.

It all started during spring break of 1989. I traveled to the beach with 3 of my best girlfriends for a little fun in the sun. That was the trip that changed my life and left me with the following  story. 

Kane was drop dead gorgeous with dark wavy hair and a perfect body. He had muscles in all the right places, buns of steel, and a healthy tan. I got to see those tan lines first hand on the last night of our trip. I’m not sure if I would consider our encounter as love at first sight but it wasn’t long before I was in way too to deep to escape his grip. He was charming and oh so seductive. Kane had impeccable timing and always knew just what to say.  Our steamy affair of sex, sex and more sex, continued through the summer. Then on a crystal clear night in mid September, after a late night stroll on the beach, the fairy tale became real.  We made love in the warm sand with a full moon and endless sky overhead. It felt so surreal as the moonlight bounced off the water and he took my hand in his. He asked me to be his wife and I couldn’t resist. Our life began with modest finances that barely afforded us a darling  little house just outside of town. It was a cozy white bungalo with a quaint little porch and a crimson red door. Oh how I loved that house and my life back then.  We became the perfect family, 2 kids , 1 dog and enough love to see us through anything, or so I thought.  The fairy tale lasted a few more years before our perfect family began to unravel, one strand at a time.

Junie: I decided to break Brie’s saga up into 2 or possibly 3 parts.  It is a long and amazing story that you won’t believe, so brace yourself for the conclusion.


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