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Happy New Year and Banned Words

 Party-on Garth, Bill, Susan or whoever you are.

 party shoesLet me just start by saying this has been quite a year. The good, the really really bad, and the phenomenal we have seen it all. Before you go out and party 2008 away there are a few things you should know about the up-coming year.  Don’t get caught using one or more banned words. Yes it’s true every year Lake Superior State College bans several over-used words. Javajune has some banned words of her own but that’s okay I just edit your confessions when necessary.

Here is the list: green, carbon footprint, maverick, first dude, bail-out, wall street man, iconic, game changer, not so much, it’s that time of year again.

It seems that Twittering is out (oops just started) and slow blogging is in. Grandpa sweaters and boyfriend jeans are in (please don’t bring back the 80’s)  Easy TV shows like the Mentalist (love it) are in.

  1. Now on to a few resolutions for 2009 (I always break them in the first week) 1.Keep you posted with all of the secret confessions flooding my email.   2. Finish my manuscript before March   3. Firm up everything   4. Make a decision and finalize reservations for my annual beach trip  5. Organize, organize, organize.   6. Get off Santa’s naughty list and reap the benefits next Christmas (just kidding, I’m really not that self-absorbed) 😉                        That’s all folks (is that phraze on the banned list? should be)

Happy New Year… Now go ring 2009  in with style.


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