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Tunnel Vision


Over the past year and a half I’ve been working a little from home and enjoying a respit from the every day office scene. It’s been different and nice. You would think that by this time my house would be completely organized and I would be totally up to date on all current events. But somehow I feel less informed and my house is the same- looks good unless you open the closets-  beware of falling debrie!  I quite often boycott the news because I don’t want to hear about the unemployment rate for the fifth time today and I really don’t care about the political views of our daily talk show hosts. I am quite often guilty of tunnel vision and only see whats right in front of me or what directly affects me, me and oh yeah, me.

With my head in the sand, I’ve been left with several questions like: what happened to daylight savings- weren’t we supposed to fall back already? When are our troops coming back from Iraq, did we enter some sort of extension or just decide to stay? Has New Orleans recovered from the flood, is the city rebuilt and is it business as usual fo her residents? Who killed Jonbenet Ramsey and what happened to the former president , has he officially become a missing person?

It was easy to stay on top of the news or daily current events  when I was working with a political junkie, a religious zealot and Ms. CNBC but now I am totally and quite blissfully, I might add, unaware of whats happening in the world today. Is that wrong?

I have started a new part-time job but there really isn’t much to report yet. It seems my new place of employment is nothing like the highly organized, rule oriented place I left behind. They can’t seem to keep a manager long enough to begin training for the new hires. I get a call almost daily explaining a new plan. I’m told it will be some time next week but no exact date and time as of yet. Now, I understand why they asked if I was flexible- flexible yes, unorganized a little, confused quite often… hmmmm, maybe I’ll fit right in  😉


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