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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

Just beyond the pink door

red-heelsShe was the kind of girl who had it all; poise, confidence, beauty and charm doesn’t require a man. Her high heels and polished suits pounded the pavement by day while her bare feet and free spirit danced in the garden by night.

gypsy-garden Her gypsy soul was responsible for creating a special place unseen by others. It was private yet free and uninhibited. It was the only place that she had ever, really, felt like herself. It was the kind of place where a girl could go to be completely alone, which was just the way she liked it. She had created a dual life- a business woman who earned a good living in the city by daylight and then disappeared into the country without a trace after dark. In the darkened sky, just before the moonlight, this woman became a girl. A young spirit with no identity, no responsibilities- just freedom and bliss.

gypsy-candle-lit-pathHer professional and personal life were completely separate . It seemed as though she lived two completely different lives, each with it’s own unique personality.  This switch in persona happened the moment she pulled off those heels. The business hair came down, her make-up was off and all clothes were free flowing or not at all. She lived in the garden and talked to the plants which bore the most succulent fruits. Each bite became sweeter than the last and every night the juice slid down her chin and onto the dirt floor. She bathed in a waterfall that feed a restful pond on the edge of a garden, filled with candle light and music. She danced without thought, she slept deeply, and she ate whatever she wanted. There were no rules in this garden, just colorful birds and fragrant flowers.  This woman never seemed to age as her dual life went on for years without any reason for change. Her life was beautiful and perfect outside the pink door.

It was a Wednesday and it felt like a day no different from any other. After she dressed in a business suit, and red heeled pumps, her hair went up into the perfect twirl and off she went. The city was hot and noisy but her day was uneventful,  yes, very uneventful, until she reached the pink door. This weathered old door with chippy paint and a slightly rusted metal handle would change everything. It would send her world into a tail-spin and make her question every inch of her life. It would threaten the gypsy girl who danced away the night and make this confident woman question her judgement. Opening that door seemed like a ridiculously stupid thing to do but something was calling her to it. This force unseen tugged at every fiber of her being and a voice from the other side seemed to utter her name in a whisper. Although curious by nature, she was always cautious and remained very private, but the voice kept calling and calling. She cupped her hands over her ears and closed her eyes but the voice never stopped and the temptation grew stronger. Will her hands be forced to touch the rusty patina and open that door?


Will she open the pink door?  Libby said she would. I would. Would you?  That’s all we have time for today. Come back later, or you’ll miss the rest of my story. Have a great weekend my friends.


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Can the Perfect Dinner Save your Love Life?


Chocolate cake is the ultimate food porn.

 I thought I would share a tip for sexy eats that are sure to improve your love life. Zoe from Bigmethod left me an email with a link to an interesting web site called The Lovebite. This site is run by an Aussie chef named Mannix. He promises to teach you the art of seduction through pleasing the palate. For some reason just typing the words “art of seduction” steamed up the windows in my office.  Is it hot in here or is it just me? Sorry back to the food. Mannix has a number of romantic recipes for the perfect date night. His clever tips just might make that special someone fall passionately in love with you or at least keep him/her coming back for more. My fav is the menu for a dirty weekend which includes roasted chicken, brie, avocado, baguettes, antipasti with chocolate and whiskey to finish. A sumptuous recipe for Mango Mischief got me really excited.  I may have to try it.

The Lovebite a clever site with great dating tips and delicious recipes that you just have to try- date or no date. You can peruse his tasty recipes or sign up for the Get Bit news letter. A new date with recipe to match are featured every month. What a great way to add a little romance back into your life without breaking the bank.

Now… go and visit The Lovebite  it may make your night or at least spice things up a bit. Let me know if you try any of his yummy suggestions and if your efforts are met with positive results. Have a delicious weekend 😉


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My Little Secret is Locked Away

Please welcome Myra to the sofa.

I have been keeping the fact that I’m married a secret;  my reason is complicated. Six years ago my husband was sent to prison. I moved to a new town and started a new job to avoid embarrassment. In the beginning I didn’t talk about my status because it was too painful. Every one assumed that I wasn’t married and I just left it that way. Now I tell people I’m single. I’ll never leave my husband but I pray to God every day that he doesn’t get released. I’ve met someone and it’s getting really serious. I need to find a way to confess to him -Well, maybe I just did.

Junie: Your husband’s arrest must have been really hard on you. Your past is your business and your friends don’t need to know unless you want them to.  A serious relationship is a different story. Good luck with your confession, I hope he understands.


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Is this unrequitted Love?

Please  welcome Ricky to the sofa

I’m not a dating loser but I am really confused and need a little help. I have been dating this chick  for a few weeks now and I really like her but something really weird happened last night. I thought we were getting close, I thought I was really getting to know her, then blamo it happened. She showed up at the restaurant with her two kids. She said she couldn’t find a babysitter. Not so bad right? Wrong!  I didn’t know she had kids. What the hell! Did I miss a sign? Do you think I’m blind? Is this her way of saying ,so long sucker- I’m really not that into you.  Are the kids some kind of secret weapon? She acted like it was no big thing, introduced her kids and carried on like nothing was out of the ordinary. I think I sat with my mouth open most of the evening. Did I mention that I really, really liked this chick and I thought we were getting somewhere in our relationship?

Junie: I think you nailed it,when you said, “how weird. ” Are you sure you didn’t miss her mentioning the kids? Is this a deal breaker or do you like her enough to dig a little deeper into the relationship?


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