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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

Amazing guests and a very entertaining dinner show

IMG_0444 8

No I didn’t grow these amazing things I bought them.

I love this time of year. It has been a little too cool for me but the trees are all full and the flowers are wonderful. The whole growing season is so uplifting and June is my fave. It’s when all the roots get a good hold and start to show off a little.  Yesterday was an ordinary day in June except for a couple of amazing things that happened. Now amazing is a pretty strong word to use and the things that I’m talking about weren’t life changing or earth shattering but they did in fact amaze me.  

By now you have probably gathered that I love the outdoors, as long as it’s not too cold. As soon as things warm up a little I open the windows and even the door to my deck. This drives my mother crazy because she says I’m letting the bugs in. Well sometimes she’s right but yesterday I had a visitor of another kind sneak through the open door. We were sitting down to eat dinner peacefully when a couple of beautiful creatures popped  (flew) in. Two gorgeous ruby- throated hummingbirds were so engaged in battle that they didn’t realize where there little spat had led. As they raced around my living and dining room trying to find an escape hatch the dogs were barking and Mr. J was trying to catch them . I of course was chasing the whole circus of activity around with my camera. They’re much too quick and I didn’t get the shot but what I witnessed was way cooler (is that a word?) than a picture. The first little bird got so tired that he landing on Mr. J’s arm and allowed him to walk out the door and release him. The second bird got tired too and rested in his hands and then flew off to the garden. It was the best dinner show I’ve ever seen!

IMG_0453 6

There’s nothing like fresh flowers on the window sil.

The second thing that happened would probably fall more in the startling or shocking category. Over the past two weeks I have watched two black bird’s attempts at building a nest in my paper box. They have put sticks in and taken sticks out for two weeks. Then all of a sudden they quit. So I thought well the poor things finally gave up. I walked out to get the mail and decided to take a peek in the box and maybe remove the sticks. Well as soon as I bent down and got my face close to the hole I saw a little black bird sitting in the box and then he just disappeared. No it wasn’t magic, he slipped down a hole in the bricks where he apparently has his nest. All along I was wondering why those dumb birds would build a nest in the empty tube that gets a paper shoved in it twice a week. I quess I under estimated the Little buggers. Their nest is hidden between the bricks, safe and warm- amazing! Yes, amazing is the word of the day!

 I’m off to the printers today to make sure a few pics like the ones above are worthy and then hopefully they will be listed yet this week in the studio.

Oh BTW I did finally manage to get a head shot for my unravelling class that wasn’t too scary. It wasn’t great and I had morning hair but I posted it anyway.


It’s hard enough to look decent in a head shot, let alone trying to pose and snap the picture yourself.  My arms just aren’t long enough. You can bet I curled my hair after looking at this shot.

 Cheers to Wednesday!


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My fears and is the pot half full or half empty?

IMG_0399 5

 I snuck into the green house down the street last night, (Okay they new I was there) to take this shot of old clay pots- love them!

Just this morning I was thinking about the things that hold me back; they’re very real and kind of scary, so I guess you could call them fears. I’ve always been fearful of certain things, like: the dentist, snakes, big spiders, death and sometimes the dark. The difference between always and now is that my list of fears has grown by leaps and bounds. Some of these thoughts could be considered worries more so than full blown fears but even so they’re disruptive like a nagging tooth ache that prevents me from enjoying the sweet stuff that life has to offer. 

IMG_0330 2

I think I’ll eat this pear today. It was so pretty I hated to take a bite but now that I have this picture, I think it’s time.

Here are a few things that have made their way to my list in recent years.

1. fear of growing old- in mind and body (I want to live to be 100 in a young mind and body)

2. fear of looking old ( I know looks aren’t everything but I still want to look good)

3. fear of losing my parents ( didn’t think about that until I saw it happen to friends)

4. fear of losing any other loved ones ( kind of worried about that before but more so now)

5. fear of failure (didn’t used to worry about failing so- I took more chances)

6. fear of losing my health (the c word and other dreading things  are in the back of my mind)

7. fear of financial collapse (  brought on by the depression or whatever it is we’re experiencing)

8. etc and many more too numerous to mention

Now you may look at this list and think it’s not much different than anyone else’s list. That may be true but I didn’t used to worry about things like this. I just leaped over the hurdles and kept going without paying a whole lot of attention to fearful things.  Can I be that girl again or is it inevitable that as we reach the middle age mark (the dreaded forty) we look at the world a little differently. It may just be an attitude the pot half full vs half empty kind of thing. Well, I want my pot filled up to the brim no half full containers will do for me, thank you very much.

I guess this week’s assignment in my unravelling class brought this list of fears to my attention. We’ve been assigned the dreaded task of  taking four images of our face and then posting  them on flickr, for the whole world to see. I’m terrified… I usually hate my pictures and trying to take four head shots of myself that I would keep in my private photo files is nearly impossible let alone pictures I want to show in public. It goes back to #2 on the list, fear of looking old. I hate that one!

Okay I’m sick of complaining. I’ll let you know how the picture taking goes. I want to share something fun with all of you, fd’s flickr toys. It’s a handy little sight that allows you to do some fun things with your pictures. I made the mosaic below on this sight. It’s fun and pretty easy so give it a try. It might just make your pot look half full- oh hell let’s fill’er up to the brim.


Have a terrific Tuesday.


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