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I’m a Cat-killing Coward

Please welcome Raven to the sofa.

The other day while pulling out of my driveway on my way to work I heard a big thump. When I got out of the car I was horrified to see my neighbor’s cat squashed beneath my tires. I panicked and threw him into my truck. Then I stopped by an open field on my way to the office and buried him under a pile of brush. Why didn’t I do the neighborly thing and go next door to say I’m sorry but I accidentally killed your cat? Well, I’m new to the neighborhood and didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot. Besides it wouldn’t make Buttons any less dead, now would it? I did feel aweful  the next day when the neighborhood kids were putting up fliers and going door to door to see if anyone had seen him. I love animals and I do feel terrible but it was an accident.  I am such a coward.

Junie: You’re right Raven it was an accident and telling them wouldn’t bring Buttons back but it would give the owner some closure. They may keep looking for him for a long time.


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My Co-workers are Junkies

Please welcome Belleblue to the sofa.

My co-workers are stealing drugs from the doctor’s office I work in. The nurse has been pocketing  pain killers and the office manager writes her own scripts while the nurse calls it in to the pharmacy. One day, she asked me to do it and when I refused her attitude toward me changed. Now she is a real bitch and I am afraid of getting fired.

 I have faced drama in the work place before but I just don’t know if I can handle it this time. I’m afraid if I report their illegal actions to the doctor, the office manager will pin the drug stealing on me because I took home antibiotics when my throat was soar, on occasion. The fact that I have known that this was going on for some time and said nothing doesn’t speak well of me either. I guess in a way, I am as guilty as they are.

Junie: Sounds like you’re in a no way out kind of situation. I would start hunting for another job real quick and refrain from taking any more antibiotics, for sure. Good luck!


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