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Grandma’s Dead; Who Spiked the Punch?

Please welcome Rachael to the sofa.

The holidays always remind me of a few years back when I hosted the family Christmas. I put so much work and detail into the party right down to the punch recipe. It was delicious but deadly. I forgot to mention that it was spiked heavily.  Before I knew it, Grandma Bea was smashed. I’d seen her tipping back a couple glasses of punch, but thought oh well a little happy juice won’t kill her. Boy was I wrong. She fell and broke her hip and was never the same after that. Only my brother and I knew that she was drunk. Most of the family was drinking beer or wine and didn’t even know the punch was spiked. My brother agreed to keep quiet about the fact that grandma’s little mishap was all my fault. She died several months later.  I feel terribly guilty about the fact that I was responsible for her death and never owned up to it. This is me singing the holiday blues.

Junie: That’s a sad Holiday story and probably one we could all learn from. I don’t think your confession would make her death any less painful for anyone. I hope you can let go of some guilt, concentrate on the good memories and enjoy the season.


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I Hate the Holidays because My Family Sucks

festive dinner tablePlease Welcome LonelyLinda to the sofa.

I hate the holidays because my family always makes a perfectly nice day unbearable. My mother is definitely not a domestic goddess and always either under-cooks or over-cooks the dinner. She then gets really upset about it and cries for most of the meal.  My step-father is a complete asshole and a drunk. By the time dinner is over he is so intoxicated that he picks a fight with everyone. Last year he and my brother Sam managed to knock over the Christmas tree and a candle which started a little fire during their drunken brawl. I’m sorry but there just isn’t enough booze or Valium in the world to get me through it again this year. I’m thinking about faking sick and spending Christmas alone this year.

Can anyone else relate to Linda’s Holiday woes?

Merry Christmas from the Family-enjoy it

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