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The Nosey Bitch is Ruining My Life

Please welcome Tanya to the sofa.

The bitch in my office is driving me crazy. I had to rant, let it out, scream at the top of my lungs- I hate my nosey co-worker.  She keeps constant surveillance on me. Every time I leave my desk she follows, when I talk to someone she listens and watches. When I talk on the phone she goes to the copier, which is next to my cubicle, so she can eavesdrop. I am so sick of  her personal questions-who was that on the phone, what did you do last night, you left the parking lot awfully fast yesterday, is everything all right, and so on. She comes over if anyone stops by my cubicle and asks them questions or stands and listens to our conversation. Her peering eyes are always on me and she has a perfect view from her desk.  I reported it to human resources and asked to be moved but she is best friends with my manager and they made it look like it was just paranoia on my part.  I’m wondering if she isn’t playing office snitch while trying to find dirt on me. She is always pushing her religious beliefs on me and putting down my religion.  I don’t understand people who have no boundaries. She is a crazy bitch and she’s making my life miserable. Some days I feel like I am going to unleash my fury on her.

Junie: I really feel for you. I experienced a similar situation in my past employment.  File a grievance for the harassment of your religious beliefs or get other employees to corroborate your story about the spying.  Take your complaint and witness statements to someone over the bosses head.  I wish you luck and remember to Keep your cool.


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This May Be a Deal Breaker

Please welcome Deedra to the sofa.

The long hours, miserable co-workers and that ass of a boss are now dead to me. I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to find a way to escape the misery. My hubby wouldn’t understand, if I told him the truth about what really happened. He was shocked that I was let go because he knows that I’m conscientious and work very hard. I told him I was fired for one little mistake,  but the that’s just a lie. I felt compelled to lie because of our financial situation-not good. I hope he never finds out the truth, it could be a deal breaker.  The truth is that I wanted to get fired and made a series of mistakes while hoping it would negate  my permanent dismissal. All I feel now is relief from the every day torture of going to a job I hated with people that I had absolutely nothing in common with. I’m finally free and it feels good.

Junie: Misery in the work place is all too common and sometimes leads us to desperate measures.  It’s too bad you can’t share your feelings with your husband. I’m glad you’re free and hope you can find employment in this tough economy.


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I Hate My Co-workers

annoying-coworkersPlease Welcome Sandra to the Sofa.

I hate my co-workers. They are driving me insane. We all sit very close to each other but not in cubicles. The woman to my left is a germaphob and curses if anyone touches anything on her desk. She covers the trash can closest to her with a notebook and insists that everyone uses the one closest to me- even she uses that one. The woman to my right is a spy for management and listens in on conversations. She tries to coerce you into saying something bad about them and then reports you. Plus she is so annoying when she flosses her teeth.  She does it even when you are talking to her.  It’s just sick!  The woman behind me cries if you look at her funny and won’t allow us to play any music other than christian bands. She is constantly in the bosses office complaining about someone. The woman in the front of the office has terrible body odor and her breath could kill a cockroach.

Don’t even get me started on that witch of a boss. She is the biggest conniving bitch I have ever met and makes trouble for everyone except her pets- Flossie and Whinny. She constantly tells us how good she is at her job. She is disgustingly fat and her clothes are a size too small. Her fat hangs out the sides. I hate them all. They are making my life a living hell! I want to quit my job but I can’t. I hate my life!

ME: Wow, Sandra that sounds like an awful situation to be in. Can you take a vacation and look for another job? The girl picking her teeth while you’re engaged in a conversation is just disturbing and by all means get the woman in the front some deodorant and mouthwash. Geeesh!

Do any of you have simuliar work situations? Gosh I hope not!


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