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I’m Alive and Still Crazy; Now Show Me the Money

Junie has had a rough week and needed a little time on the sofa to recuperate.  ( a little word of advice- stay away from the recalled peanut crap)  These are my delirious rambles while laying back with a cool cloth to my head.

Peanut crap – very bad…  this sofa – too hard…  where is that damn maid – oh yeah she’s having a sick day…   no work – no money…  show me the money! (I said I was delirious didn’t I)

Speaking of money, a while back the Sofa Diary was busting at the seams with controversy over the recent spawn of Gifting Circles. I received numerous emails and comments on the subject. At one point I was told that a contributor’s life was in danger and asked to delete or amend several comments to protect her identity. WHOA!!!   Stop… What?  her life is in danger?  For real???  The contributor said she was being threatened and exposed by one of my readers. Yes it got that HOT! I did some editing and deleting of comments as requested and all was calm for a while. Below is an excerpt from one confession.

“I can’t believe I gave our vacation fund to a group of women who promised me friendship and easy money. I met this stranger in the McDonald’s parking lot and handed her an envelope  with 5k of my families savings inside. I knew very little about her, only that she was a friend of my neighbors and sounded very persuasive on the phone. She said this was totally legal and not a pyramid scheme. Why then, did we have to meet in the Micky D’s parking lot and why did I hand her 5k in cash in an unmarked envelope. I didn’t get a receipt or even her phone number for that matter, she had called me.” Read the rest of her story right  here.

Recently I have recieved more requests for information on these Gifting Circles and decided to replay some posts and comments from the past. If there is anyone who can add their own experiences with this money making venture… please jump into the mix by leaving a comment or confession. Please do not use your real name. I don’t want any more dramatic emails or the need to use the delete button. I have the power! I love that!!!

Here are a few comments that were left by our readers, between several posts about the madness of Gifting Circles. 

“My sister was on here talking about a gifting circle she joined, and her boss helped her join, she has since been let go from her job. The economic times are though, but her boss helped her join my giving her money and now she had to be let go. I’m sure her boss feels terrible. I know she hasnt been back on here due to no internet access. She is from the MI area and has 3 kids who are school aged, now she has no job. Her mother has given her money from all of this but she is only in the beginning stage of this gifting stuff. It’s all very sad, but I thought I would updated on her part since she isnt able to get back on here and tell her story. I’d appreciate no comments to be, as I am just the messanger! My sister was taken into something then her job was in jeapordy over it, it’s very unfortunate. She made it sound better than it was. Please keep your eyes open to people who will take advantage of you.”

“Don’t do it”

“If you didn’t tell your family or any friends… then your not helping anyone and contributing to the circle. You can’t move if people don’t get in under you. That’s the POINT! Your missing the point here, gifting circle’s are not magical money growing circles… they take work. Have you been to meetings? Phone conferences? …. These are things that happen in these “Successful” circles! If everyone is so hush hush then how is this a ‘women helping women’ gifting circle? “
“Sounds very fishy to me. Is there any wording about what happens if the next round of “friend” cannot be tempted to join? Does that mean you’re out 5K? Sounds like a very risky proposition…”

“I am in the gifting circle. I can guarantee in the state of Michigan this is not illegal. In my gifting circle i have a judge. Along with this judge she has brought three other females who also work for the state to join. Im pretty positive they wouldn’t jeopardize their jobs.  you are allowed to gift $12,000 dollars a year. You are only gifting $5,000 to a single person. No wrong doing their. Its a great opportunity, I strongly suggest joining. It does seem too good to be true but believe me, its all true. You technically don’t have to put the full 5K in you can be sponsored by someone or share with someone where you would put 2,500. I strongly suggest going to a meeting, you cant do anything but benefit from this situation.”

“Totally stupid and  illegal as hell”

“These are not illegal, I am a cop & there is nothing much we as cops can do. Sorry, but thats the truth”

“Hi Everyone, this is an excellent topic and I feel the record should be made clear about the legalities of these so called scams. Around summer time I was researching everything I could about these programs and if they where indeed legal at all. Opon speaking with the IRS about joining and participating in said activities the secretary informs me that there is no illegal activity going on.
I am very glad to see people are doing their home work on the subject as I do daily Q&A blogs and Q&A videos just to get peoples questions answered. I think it’s very important for people to be informed about their financial options. Great topic”
  For those of you who don’t have a clue about Gifting Circles click this post for a brief description of how they work.

I’ve  been told that it’s an illegal pyramid scheme by some and that it’s not illegal or a pyramid scheme by others. This topic is the most hit-on subjects on my blog and generates a lot of controversial discussion and comments.   Can you believe that this subject tops all the sexy , smutty stuff? That just proves it… money is more powerful than sex 😉  Feel free to throw your 2 cents or 5k in about the matter. The tough economic times and lousy stock market are generating  new money making ideas/schemes. Crazy Times= Crazy people.  There is an allure to meeting in secrecy while exchanging wades of cash. Hell, the thought of easy money is tempting enough.  I have to admit that it is very enticing but mostly just interesting. ( my money will remain stuffed in the mattress) Take a look at a previous post with comments in its entirety here.

Below is an excerpt of my original post  that started the whole frenzy.

“I wasn’t born yesterday, far from it, but why do I feel so tempted to do something so stupid and very illegal? I was approached a few days ago about joining a Woman’s Gifting Circle. The invitation came from an old friend for a girls night of food and sharing. She said it was a gifting club for woman where they get together and talk while exchanging gifts.” Read the rest of this post and comments right here.

Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past. Remember stay away from the peanuts!   That crap took me on a very, very baaaad trip 😦


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