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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

Can you explain unconditional love?

IMG_2625 2She is never hungry, always clean, and never lost, she feels loved always. How can that be? Maybe she’s special like a princess or has some magical guardian angel, maybe she does something really great to deserve such a comfortable life. Maybe… but then perhaps it is something else entirely. Perhaps there is someone who loves her for no special reason at all, perhaps she is a daughter and has a mother with unconditional love. Perhaps that’s true but “why then” she asks, “are there children who go to bed at night with an ache in their empty tummy or a cry that nobody hears?”  

Can we explain the difference between this little girl and the girl who cries alone or feels unloved? Doesn’t every child deserve to be loved?

“Honey we all deserve to be loved!” Says the lady who dreams too much (that’s me).

I want to wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day but I would like to dedicate this post to the children who go without the unconditional love of a Mother. I will be spending the weekend in the woods with family. I’ll see you on Monday when I’ll pass along a very special award that was given to me, stay tuned.

Enjoy this day and every day. You deserve it, we all do!


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What if?



“Can you see me?” she asked.

Some days she felt as though she were invisible, like she could enter and exit a room without anyone noticing that she did infact exist. She could float like the tiniest dust particle and land where ever she chose. That sounds kind of appealing in a way, like an opportunity to fly under the radar and catch a private glimpse of the world and all her secrets without anyone being the wiser.

But what if she wanted someone to notice that she could speak, laugh, contribute and make a difference? What if all she wanted was someone to notice that she was breathing and feeling and so very alive. Yes, she desperately wanted that, but no matter how hard she tried it seemed that she was much too small to be seen. No matter how high she jumped or how loud she screamed nobody knew she was there, nobody noticed, nobody cared.

What can a girl in this predicament do to make certain that her life does not go unnoticed? How can she make herself bigger, brighter, louder and some how recognizable? She has already seen and done so many things, how could just one more make a difference?

What if….



Do you ever feel surrounded by things, people and life but yet you wonder… Do they really SEE me? 

 Just a little mid-week pondering on a rainy Thursday. Hey, I finally opened my Etsy shop back up. I’m not sure why…I guess I just felt like it. On Monday I’m starting an e-course called Unravelling. It is suppose to take me on a creative journey of reconnection with myself . I have to say that I think I’m pretty connected with me. It’s the going beyond myself that I seem to struggle with. We’ll see where this photo safari takes me. I’ll probably take you all with me on this journey of self discovery. I know I kind of do that already but just maybe this will be a little different. Maybe this girl who seems to be somewhat invisible will finally come into focus.  Maybe….


Wow, it’s Thursday already. Take some time for you (me time) and enjoy your day.


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Perfect Love/Perfect Lie conclusion

Don’t miss Brie’s conclusion to her family saga.

If you missed the beginning of Brie’s story go here for part two and here to start at the beginning. The paper work was filed and the hearing was set. I thought I could handle the change and had my life under control. That may have been true if Kane’s hadn’t gone too far. The  divorce notice in the paper prompted a startling phone call to my lawyer. The woman on the other end claimed that she too was married and had a child with Kane. Tamera stated that the marriage took place six years ago and that they shared a four year old daughter. This second family lived only thirteen miles from my home. How could that be possible. The day of the divorce hearing not only Tamera attended but a woman named Carly who was seven months pregnant and claimed to be Kane’s fiance, she sat in the court room. It was all so surreal and I wondered how I could have missed so much. The divorce was finalized, I lost my house to foreclosure and Kane was convicted. But not before I helped the woman who married my husaband go to court and put Kane behind bars. I sat in the court room once again but this time I held the hand of a woman who shared my husband’s bed. It was strange but I couldn’t hate her because she had been betrayed just the same as I had. The charges against him were bigamy and embezzlement from the company he worked for. Yes he was convicted and yes he did receive jail time but not the kind that he deserved.

This man was a con-artist that destroyed three families. He was sentenced to weekends in jail and community service. It didn’t seem just for what he had done but it did allow him to continue working and pay child support. My life is better now and my son and daughter are grown. I learned a valuable lesson about looking at the world through rose colored glasses while ignoring what you don’t want to see. I saw what I wanted and believed what helped me sleep at night. I was very naive and I got burned. My children are starting families of their own and I finally found a man that I can trust. Life goes on and hopefully we learn from our mistakes. I know I have.

Junie: Brie, thank you for sharing your tragic story with us. I am so glad that you and your children have moved on to a better life. I can totally relate to the rose colored glasses. I think we are all capable of missing what we don’t want to see and guilty of believing what makes us comfortable. Take care.


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