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A little spring and a big smile

IMG_3709 2

She walked out the door and noticed the sound of little birds chattering from the nest. A moment later she was struck by the allure of a sweet aroma coming from down the lane. She walked closer to get a better view of this magnificent tree covered in white. Along the way there was much to see.IMG_3391 Delicate little buds were just waiting for the right time to burst into blossom. The air was clean and felt so fresh as the breeze blew past her cheek and the sun was warm and toasty on her bare arms. Who would have thought that there would be bare arm weather ever again, after the long winter we endured.

There were cute garden niches here and there as she followed her nose.

IMG_3696In fact there was so much to see that she almost forgot why she had set out on this path at all. The colors, the interesting shapes, the sound of the birds and the buzz of the bees, did their best to divert her attention and take her on another path. But she stayed the course. Right on track for once in her life and continued on without temptation.


She was so glad to be out and about enjoying this nice spring day. It had been such a long time without warmth, without cheerful sounds, without color. Just then she looked to the right and spotted the most beautiful color she had ever seen. A crimson red flickering in the sunlight.IMG_3693

The leaves seemed to be waving  at her as the breeze blew through. Her journey had begun just moments before as a quest to find spring and take in it’s aroma but she realized that spring was all around her not just down the lane on that magnificent tree. It was on the left and on the right and yes right smack dab in front of her.

Living and breathing  as it soaked in the sunlight and drank from the soil. The coming of spring had been so anxiously awaited and that wait was so worth it.

She vowed to herself that this year she would not take the fine weather for granted but appreciate every moment of warmth and every glimpse of color that came her way. She would enjoy this day and everyday that nature had to offer.



 This tree was an explosion of creamy whites and fresh green. It was all very yummy to the eyes and heaven to the nose. A smell so sweet that it made her toes curl right out of her sandals. The result of this walk down the colorful path on a quest for spring, was a great big smile 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying the weather as much as I am.


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Just a peek and a little lust


She tiptoed through the freshly bloomed flowers with the sun on her face and she knew. It only took a tiny peek and a deep breath to confirm her suspicions. The air smelled fresh and the breeze was just right as it blew through her freshly washed hair. The essence of something very familiar begged her to stay just a little longer.



So she rolled up her sleeves and dared to get dirty. Her imagination ran free and her mind was tickled by the color of tiny flower petals. It was just what she needed to scratch that itch she had felt for so long. It was finally over this she knew for sure. The long winter had been laid to rest and her lust for spring would finally be met. There was no reason to question the coming of spring anymore.




The signs were all there in plain sight just waiting for this day dreaming girl to come out and enjoy. So she did. She dug in the dirt and  played in the sun until she spied something perfect through her lens. It was the irresistible combination of life just beginning in a home all shiny and new and recycled.  The birds have had it right all along. Make something new again from the old and unwanted. The color was marvelous and the construction was perfect. When playtime came to an end, she sat back with tall glass of iced tea and said, “ahhhh, Spring where have you been? I’ve missed you sooo much!”

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did. But it’s back to work for me. I have a busy day ahead, of moving computer files (I finally laid Mr. Puter to rest) and getting ready for a garden party. Take a step outside and just breath…..  



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Just beyond the pink door part 3

sexy-manIf you missed the beginning go here for part one and here for part two.

Her eyes got lost in the deep dark pools that led her to his soul, she saw, she remembered. How could that be? His soft curly locks framed his masculane chin ever so perfectly, supple lips, strong shoulders, and a muscular chest all packaged in his warm Latin skin. She felt his touch course over her body, even though they were table lengths apart. She remembered his smell, the spicy aroma of smoked wood and the sweetness of a just ripe peach. A prickly sensation started at her lips and spread through her body ending with a tiny spark at the tips of her fingers and tops of her toes. She felt a primal urge to reach out and embrace each hair and every limb of his body but couldn’t move or speak. Her feet glued to the floor, her mind unable to think  her lips dripping with lust for his, they were incapable of forming the words. She needed, she felt, she ached, and lusted for this man who’s name she didn’t know but who’s touch she remembered. She could recall every detail of the old woman’s description and felt each encounter so deeply. Had this woman sent her to live out the past, her fantasy, a long lost love, or her destiny? But how did she know- the accident, the choice of detour and why did she do it? What was her motive? She envisioned they’re tangled feet and embracing arms with feverish  passion. When she closed her eyes she could almost feel his hot breath on her neck. She was trapped in a body of indecision and plagued by the fear of change.

But then, his deep eyes glowed as he winked his long lashes and turned toward the door. Should she stop him and risk her secret life so private and perfect? Can she share her life, her sensuous garden of succulent fruit and glowing candle light? She feared losing her independence by falling completely for this man. She could lead him to the garden to dance barfoot in the breeze and bathe in the warm waters that trickled past her sleeping nest.  Her mind was conflicted but she felt her heart open and her hand reach out as he passed by. She felt the firmness of his skin as her fingers melted painlessly into his flesh. His head turned toward hers, his face so gentle, his eyes so intent but his lips never spoke and… and…. he held out his hand with perfect fingers out-stretched toward hers. As her mouth tried to make words he laid a finger to her lips and…….


Did he?…… Did she?…….. Should they?………. I guess I’ll leave this one up to you.  You, tell me what happened. Sorry for the delay in the story my week has been a little hectic thus far. Today I am dreaming of running barefoot in the garden- just waiting on spring. Enjoy your day!


This was one of those perfect moments, perfect shot, kind of things. I captured this image last summer. Make a wish.  Gotta love this kind of opportunity.


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Take a Peek


I just wanted to point out that I have added a few new clicks to the site.  On the top right you will find Ask Junie and the Sexy Sofa Gallery. I thought it would be fun to have a place for you to ask for advice from me or our savvy readers. My lust for interior design and sexy sofa addiction is revealed in the sofa gallery. Take a peek and then move on to Shirley’s story about the promiscuous hens in the egg house.

Oh one more thing before I set your free. I would like to challenge all of the delurkers to be brave today and leave a message. Just say hi, leave a comment or a piece of advice for one of our story tellers. I know you’re out there; my stat tallies never lie.  There are between 50 and 150 visitors a day but very few comments. Thank you Libby and Ricardo. for your comments.  (stop by and say hi, you’ll love their blog sites) So all you delurkers out there give me some feed back. It’s time to come out of the shadows and expose yourselves 😉

Thats all.


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Trouble in the Hen House

Please welcome Shirley to the sofa.

My story took place about 40 years ago. I was married with two children. My husband was in the military but had served his time so we moved back home. We bought a little house three doors away from his parents chicken farm. He worked on the family farm while I stayed home with the kids. I knew our marriage wasn’t perfect and had a feeling that he was keeping secrets  but the truth was more than I expected. He started staying out all night and going to work on days that I knew he had off. But times were different back then and you just didn’t confront your husband. A few years past and a couple more children arrived before he left me for good.

I managed to get a job and survived with a little financial help from his parents. I lost so much more than a husband when he left. My so called friends felt the need to confess their indiscretions to me. They told me how sorry they were that  they had fallen pray to his seduction. There was a lot more than counting eggs going on in the hen house. His escapades came to an end when my so called friend Marylou caught him fooling around with a new girl named Sarah and threatened to tell. Thats when Carl rejoined the Navy and ran off to the west coast with Sarah. 

The biggest blow to my world was learning that Marylou, Carla, and Debbie were my friends for the sake of spending time with my husband. They had all fooled around with Carl  in the egg house on numerous occasions. Debbie even claimed that he was her first and that she’d lost her virginity to my husband! I hated them all and couldn’t understand why they insisted on telling me the truth, now. I never stepped foot in the egg house again and when I was financially able, I moved to another town that was far from the bad memories.

That part of my life is over but I desperately want my husband to admit his indiscretions to our children. I don’t know why it’s so important to me but it is.  I would feel vindicated for all the years the kids thought that their big Navy Captain Dad was a hero, only I knew better.  I didn’t want to break their little hearts back then, so I stayed silent.

Junie: You deserve vindication and your kids should know what you did for them.  But this may be a little like your friends confessing that they slept with your husband in the egg house. It will only generate bad feelings and ruin relationships. You were a good Mom and deserve a thank you but I’m not sure if his confession is the best way to get it.


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