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I’m melting


Well, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’ll tell you, I am a girlie girl and love all things soft and pink. The look, the feel and the very essence of femininity are softly whispered in pale pink panties that are hidden underneath a business suit or your favorite grungy pair of jeans. I grew up in a pink bedroom and quite often wore pink nail polish but the rest of me was all jeans and tee shirts. I like just a hint of pink to soften my edges.

There is nothing more sweet and special than tiny white baby tee’s with just a hint of pink. My heart melted when I saw this (pictured below) in a local boutique and I couldn’t resist. It is incredibly soft and yummy to the eyes. I think I could work in a baby boutique and just play with the clothes, making little vignettes here and there all day long. Baby boutiques or boutiques or any kind are a rarity in my area these days. Yes, it’s true they are too expensive and don’t offer enough variety to satisfy a busy Mom’s schedule but the experience of walking through a store filled with pretty things that are displayed to perfection is magic. It’s not a place where you go in to buy a complete wardrobe, no, just one or two things for a special photograph or very first outing. It’s an exception, a lovely experience and one time event that you won’t ever forget. 


This shot was meant to melt your heart just a little. He hee.

As you know from the countless photographs of the little princess and some big princesses or more like fashion divas, I like to take an unusual and maybe even a little crazy shots of people. Recently, I was asked to take a few kid shots for a mother of two boys. She saw a few of my pics on another website and liked my style. Of course I was thrilled and will probably jump at the chance as long as she realizes that I take a journalistic approach to photography and have a somewhat quirky style. I’m not into the perfectly posed studio shots and I never use a flash, well almost never. I like the type of photographs that bring out the essence of  a personality or maybe a side that’s hidden on most days. There is a shining star in everyone and I want to bring that to life in pictures. This may be a new area of my creativity to explore. I’m always up for an adventure. So if you live in the Michigan area and would like to have some shots done give me a try. I probably won’t charge much until I get my feet wet and feel confident in my ability to capture the real person in just the way they love to be seen. 

That’s all for today. I better get something done around here before I’m off to photograph pregnant bellies -oh my!


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