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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

The recurring dream


The scary tree outside my window (secret..I’m still afraid of the dark-sometimes)

Today I would like to take you on a little journey to a secret place. Let’s take a ride through dreamland. So get ready, sit back and just let go……. Floating through the darkness and then…… my dream begins.

Lights are flickering- great adventures unfolding. Coasting, coasting with my head in the clouds. Dreams are like a story, they take you there and leave you standing where all things are possible and you always land softly.

Lights are flickering and I have visions flashing in my head. My recurring dream is here again. I don’t believe it. He takes me there, the stars, the sky wide open. Drifting, floating, and coasting to a soft landing. Then something tickles my ear,”Do you hear me calling…”  I see the man who is no stranger in my dreams “come hear, love”  he whispers through the night. The trees part ways and a moon appears, so luminous it takes my breath away. The scenery, the great adventure, the man with my dreams in his hand. I reach for him but then I recognize my heart in a tiny little box, bright pink and beating ever so slowly, steam rises, his hands, my heart, his vision, my dreams, our life. I don’t believe it. 

He says goodnight and so I go….far, far, very far away, rising, twisting, turning into a downward spiral to a soft landing. The curtains breathing life into a stale room, in and out with the gentle breeze, the canopy of my bed, the twinkling of a million stars, I am alone in a pool of sweat, my heart firmly planted, and my life the same. I’m falling for him baaad! But it’s too late. I believe it.   jj

I just wanted to leave you with dreams and wide open spaces for your mid- week pondering. Have a dreamy Wednesday. For those of you who commented, I updated the story here.   Thanks….jj

Enjoy a  little “Bubbly Toes” by Jack Johnson to make you move like a jellyfish, his words not mine.

Gotta love that!   Be on your bubbly toes tomorrow when I post Java June’s Travel Treasure give-away

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Do You Remember our Secret?

Please welcome Bali-Girl  to the sofa.

Do you remember last New Year’s Eve-I will never forget. I have kept our secret all year and you were afraid that I would let it slip.  I think of you often but especially now. The memory of our night together is cutting me deep. I can’t get away from the thoughts of you in perfect form as we opened the New Year. I thought that just maybe I was getting over you-I’m not.  I know that we could never be- you have an image to keep.  Still, I wish for just one more magical night of passion and  feelings that can’t be explained. You chose a path that keeps you in the spotlight, never far from the public eye-I did not.  I know that I am so beneath you and if I were to let our secret slip, it would destroy everything you have worked so hard to achieve.  I understand why you cannot be with me, but do you understand why I dream of letting our secret slip inadvertently, just to see what happens. My hope is that you would forgive my indiscretion and sweep me off my feet, then tell me that you can’t live without me as we disappear into a new life together. I dream of you, especially today- my heart is with you, always. Signed your Bali girl.

Junie: So beautiful and yet so sad. I hope your secret lover reads this.


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