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A Little Neighborly Advice

Please welcome Shera to the sofa.

OK, so I’m married and have feelings for my neighbor. I know he has the same feelings for me. It’s needless to say that I don’t have a great marriage and haven’t been happy for a long time. My problem is I just can’t get this neighbor out of my mind! What makes matters worse, I’m “friends” with his girlfriend. I don’t know what to do.

Junie: Relationships are difficult to keep alive and sometimes the temptation to cheat is overwhelming.  Pull back and take a good look at the situation. The feelings you have for your neighbor has more to do with what’s lacking at home. Do what ever you can to avoid an affair. At least make an attempt (professional help) to save your marriage. This neighborly affair won’t be worth the the price you’ll have to pay in the end.


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No Family Vacation just a gifting Circle Nightmare

Please welcome BadMomma to the sofa.

I can’t believe I gave our vacation fund to a group of women who promised me friendship and easy money. I met this stranger in the McDonald’s parking lot and handed her an envelope  with 5k of my families savings inside. I knew very little about her, only that she was a friend of my neighbors and sounded very persuasive on the phone. She said this was totally legal and not a pyramid scheme. Why then, did we have to meet in the Micky D’s parking lot and why did I hand her 5k in cash in an unmarked envelope. I didn’t get a receipt or even her phone number for that matter, she had called me.

I am a grown woman with a college degree,  two kids and a husband who is a professional. This doesn’t sound like an act of a responsible or even remotely intelligent woman.  My Husband and I had been saving the money to take our kids on a trip to Disney World this year.  I didn’t tell my hubby I was doing it- not even my best friend. My neighbor was so convincing and told me that she had invested and received twice and now 80k richer. I haven’t notice any difference in her lifestyle, she isn’t driving a new Beamer. She said she’d put the money away for her son’s college fund and I believed her.

I just wanted to get ahead and make a substantial contribution to the family finances- a little savvy investment of my own. Instead I think I may have blown our dream vacation to Disney. How will I tell my husband or explain it to the kids? I don’t think my little investment is going to pan out. It has been almost 8 months and I have moved up only one space in the heart. At this point I will never make it to the receiver position.  My neighbor told me to be patient because this group is moving a little slower than most. Our vacation is set for April and I still have a long way to go before the pay out.

I can’t believe I was so stupid. If it sounds too good to be true- well you know the rest!

Junie: How sad for your family. I myself have been approached to join one. I will admit temptation but I’m happy to say I turned my friend’s invitation down. I hope things turn around for you before April. Good luck!


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