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My Little Secret is Locked Away

Please welcome Myra to the sofa.

I have been keeping the fact that I’m married a secret;  my reason is complicated. Six years ago my husband was sent to prison. I moved to a new town and started a new job to avoid embarrassment. In the beginning I didn’t talk about my status because it was too painful. Every one assumed that I wasn’t married and I just left it that way. Now I tell people I’m single. I’ll never leave my husband but I pray to God every day that he doesn’t get released. I’ve met someone and it’s getting really serious. I need to find a way to confess to him -Well, maybe I just did.

Junie: Your husband’s arrest must have been really hard on you. Your past is your business and your friends don’t need to know unless you want them to.  A serious relationship is a different story. Good luck with your confession, I hope he understands.


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