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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

Unremarkably perfect


The day floated by without making a sound, it was perfect and yet totally unremarkable. A soft 60 degrees with a gentle sun over head. The optimal weekend to finish outdoor chores or take a long walk. It was an appropriate way to say goodbye to fall. An old sweatshirt, soft and faded, loose-fitting jeans with a hole in the knee- my favorite pair, and flip flops, that were off by mid-afternoon- bare feet. You heard it right- bare feet in November!

 Last night I enjoyed a blissful night of sleep with my window cracked open just enough to allow a lingering smell of burning leaves through the crack.  I awoke this morning to temperatures in the fifties. I felt a bit like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz when she found that her house had been planted in a different place- this can’t be Michigan- it’s mid-november and weather like this almost never happens this time of year. I loved every degree of it! I hope you enjoyed a little weekend bliss, as well… Happy Monday!


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unexpected moments-priceless


Driving down a country road after a hard day and coming across a road-side stand of beautiful sunflowers. The sign read $3.00 dollars a bunch, including your choice of vase- smile.

Taking in old lotto tickets to run in hopes that I may have won a couple bucks. I did win a couple bucks on one but I also won 20 bucks on another- bonus.

Slipping into a new pair of silky pajamas after a warm bubble bath is wonderful but top that off with a glass of wine and romantic comedy-perfect.

A little girl with soft tendrils and dreamy eyes curls up in my lap with her favorite baby-doll and falls asleep-melt.

It’s the little things that make the difference-enjoy!


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