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My Best Friend is a Drug Addict

Please welcome Jenny to the sofa.

I don’t know what to do! I guess every person has to live their own life, but I’m afraid hers is spinning out of control. My friend has serious credit card debt. She keeps applying for student loans and uses the money to support her habits and numerous plastic surgeries. She suffers from depression. This girl just can’t catch a break. I believe the cocaine, Ecstasy and marijuana are all used to mask what feelings may arise. I’m always afraid to hang out with her or engage in a serious conversation because I don’t know if she’s cracked out or just being herself. She is not the same girl I became friends with years ago. Maybe I should call the show intervention!

Junie: Jenny it is obvious that you care about your friend. It would great if you could help her but she has to want to be helped. Keep up the positive influence and maybe she will come around. Good Luck.


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