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A Little Neighborly Advice

Please welcome Shera to the sofa.

OK, so I’m married and have feelings for my neighbor. I know he has the same feelings for me. It’s needless to say that I don’t have a great marriage and haven’t been happy for a long time. My problem is I just can’t get this neighbor out of my mind! What makes matters worse, I’m “friends” with his girlfriend. I don’t know what to do.

Junie: Relationships are difficult to keep alive and sometimes the temptation to cheat is overwhelming.  Pull back and take a good look at the situation. The feelings you have for your neighbor has more to do with what’s lacking at home. Do what ever you can to avoid an affair. At least make an attempt (professional help) to save your marriage. This neighborly affair won’t be worth the the price you’ll have to pay in the end.


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Bloody Confessions


 She says she’s in love with a vampire.

 Joni (not her real name) stretched out on the sofa (The Velvet Lady) yesterday to tell me that her love/lust of vampires is getting in the way of a sex life with her husband. Oh sure she still loves him but he just doesn’t do anything for her sexually anymore (is it the no-fangs thing or do vampires have some other special qualities that I am not aware of?)  Her problems have totally gotten out of control since the release of the movie Twilight.

She fantasizes about having an affair with a vampire and spends hours of role playing on-line.  So far she has kept the secret from her hubby but he is beginning to suspect something and wants them to seek couples therapy.  What should she do?

Javajune: I have to say that I just can’t relate to the whole vampire or beast allure. It’s not my thing and definitely not a sexual turn-on for me.  As soon as the fangs came out the attraction would be so over for me. No, I have not seen the movie Twilight, nor have I read the books, but com-on their YA and I’m a grown woman- how good can they be?

I will admit to a little curiosity about the whole story and you can bet that I will be ordering it up on pay-per-view as soon as it arrives. What about you?

Do you share Joni’s fantasy or something simuliar? Climb onto my sofa and tell me all about it.


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