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Reflection and the Purge

In the mood for a little reflection. The girl, her past and a forbidden love.


 She had the world at her finger tips as she came into her own, too many friends to count, the eyes of every guy as she passed by. She indulged a few but was still searching for something. The player was very intriguing and a little sexy but couldn’t commit. Ahhh, the player, too bad. That relationship was too scary for this girl who needed too much. She lived in a very protected place, censorship, perfectly lovely family who said all the right things, no violence, no ugly scenes, just clean living.  She was always the pampered princess but this girl was so curious. She had to take a peek now and then at life on the other side. The characters were so real and they felt and expressed it all, everything good and bad and all that was in-between. She tiptoed and dipped her feet, just until her toes got wet, well, maybe slightly damp. Unlike those who loved and pampered her she was always reaching for the forbidden fruit.  Her Friends began to change places as she took a walk with those who dwell-ed on the wilder side.  Just a short walk not a dance. She watched but never partook, her life was just on the edge but never tainted.

Then one day a boy from the other side of the tracks caught her eye. He was dangerous, at least on the outside. She indulged him a lot.  He fell hard and she followed. He was the first boy who liked her for who she truly was and she liked him back.  And now…The player doesn’t dwell in her garden anymore he plays in a yard near-by.  Sigh…   As for the dangerous boy… Well, lets leave that for another time and place.

Had to get this out of my head. It’s getting crowded in here and I’m trying to purge before vacation. Lovely, oh so lovely…. vacation.


Don’t forget about tomorrow’s big give-away. Woooowhoooo!

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