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Puppy Love

Please welcome Furloughed to the sofa.


I just stole a dog tonight. I found him wandering around on the street on my way back from work. After some sweet talking I was able to get him to come near me. I asked around and found out that his owner had a stroke and the dog is being watched by his friend. I drove to his friend house to give the dog back to find out they’re crackheads. His gf thanked me and said she will make sure the dog doesn’t get out anymore by tightening up his collar. I asked around some more and found out that this dog had been tied outside for more than a few weeks now with very little food and water. I drove home to get on with my life but for some reason I cannot get him out of my head. So after dinner, I drove back and stole the dog. I will find a good home for him…….

Junie: Good for you and good for the poor dog. I hope you find the perfect home or keep him until the owner is well enough to take him back.


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