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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

I see you

Do you ever feel like others can see right through you and know what you’re thinking?


Just when I’m savoring a problem, I realize that someone has an eye on me and without a word or gesture uncovers my thoughts-suddenly I’m naked with no place to hide. That’s when the rhythm or flow of free wil becomes disrupted and I question my logic, my wisdom, the plan.

IMG_3589 - Copy

Fall has come with a vengeance my toes are cold and the wind is howling outside my window. I’m desperately trying to get back in the rhythm, back to work and just be myself.

“be patient Junie, your best work comes in moments of grace”

live well,


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  1. Adorable child, truly a flower of humanity!

    Comment by nightman1 | September 29, 2009

  2. Quickly, gather the babies and come to the desert! The early morning are quite lovely…just the right amount of chill at the start of my walk…then it warms up to baking by the pool weather. Just ask the little dogs!

    Comment by Deborah | September 29, 2009

  3. Beautiful pictures dear friend.


    Comment by Renee Khan | October 1, 2009

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